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Visit Medjimurje website has been financed by the Grow Mobile project run by Regional development agency Medjimurje REDEA d.o.o. together with its German and Bulgarian partners. Implementation of the project started 01 March 2012, and it officially finishes 01 March 2014. It is financed by the CIP (EMMIA) program.


  • Development Agency Aufbauwerk Region Leipzig (Germany)
  • Consulting company INI-Novation (Germany)
  • Kyustendil region (Bulgaria)
  • Varna municipality(Bulgaria)

The principal aim of the Grow Mobile project is to foster regional development, ie to enhance tourism development by merging innovative services and mobile technologies.

Being one of the partners, REDEA d.o.o. works on the following project-related tasks:

  • data collection and creating Analysis of Tourism Industry in Medjimurje County with reference to neighbouring counties
  • data collection and creating Analysis of the technical terms and conditions regarding implementation of destination management system
  • data collection about tourism resources in the county
  • compiling examples of good practice from neighbouring regions and countries
  • creating a destination management system (database with web platform - website Visit Međimurje)
  • promotion and education

The website is mobile-friendly, ie responsive for smartphones and tablets, thus enabling mobile and convenient use for the tourists. The foundations of the website lie in an extensive database which comprises the complete tourist offer in Medjimurje. The website and database form the basis for creating a destination management system. During content creation for the website, all locations with tourist potential were visited and included in the database. Consequently, the website contains the most recent information about the tourist offer in Medjimurje.

The website is characterized by modern design with prominent attractive photos and straightforward yet functional menus. Round 10 subpages contain general information, culture and history, miscellany and Medjimurje’s attractions, while additional elements  of the website provide information about accommodation, eno-gastronomic offer, service information, etc. Tourist packages ranging from one day to several days are also available on the website. A visitor can also individually create the itinerary as well as book activities on the website. Every location from the tourist offer has been marked on the interactive map which enables planning the desired tour.

The visitors simply mark in the map menu the activities they are interested in and select which they would like to visit. The map registers the tour between the selected places of interest and recommends the best route and provides relevant information about it. The basic idea behind the website was to make Medjimurje’s tourist offer more accessible for tourists by using new technologies and simultaneously promote Medjimurje as an attractive destination.

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